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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) Rain Dance Lyrics, singer by ABK (ANYBODY KILLA)

[Chorus x2]
This is my rain dance
(So let it rain)
This is my rain dance
(Iímma let it rain)
This is my rain dance
Sorry if I rained on your parade

As the world turns and the wind blows
I can make it rain with a dance, yo
Watch the earth shift like some loose hips
Iím calling bluffs from haters with them thunder lips
Let me get a second, watch this killa wreck it
On top, at times hated but well respected
I can make it rain on your parade
Anytime you want it I can make it go for days
Have you inside looking out at me
As Iím dancing in the streets
Making it pour with the heat
Let the rain fall straight from the sun
May it wash away the pain that so hard to overcome
Donít waste your time dripping til you get dropped
If thereís anger in your heart, kill it so it never stops
Quit living life over a safety net
Ainít no reason to be worried,
Come on out and get wet, the waters cold

[Chorus x2]

In the night, getting light, when it strikes
Whoever said that it never hits twice
Grab your umbrellas because Iím giving hail
Whoís sporting floods I heard the rain coming as well
Itís about to get crazy muddy black piles with a face look strangely
Cold chills on your neck when the wind blows
Every place I stomp on this earth it just explodes
Dancing in the puddle like a kid I can see the clouds coming in
Shake the underground like a tornado at a full peak
Ainít a Doppler in the world seeing what I bring
Let it rain on your face so your minds refreshed
Let it flow down your throat so you rhyme the best
Some say I bring the fountain of youth when it rains
While other sing a song to try and make it go away

[Chorus x2]

I would let it rain until we all clean
Wash away the dirty history this world brings
Stay shinin even though Iím muddy
Always starin in the face of people lookin at me funny
Feel the cold air, donít be so scared,
Just know one day that theyíll get theirs
Only a few understand what there is to gain
When you underneath the black sky dancing in the rain

[Chorus (til end)]

Rain, rain, go away
Please come back another day [x2]