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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) Muddy Muddy Lyrics, singer by ABK (ANYBODY KILLA)

I be ticking like a time bomb ready to explode
And when I do ainít no telling how far Iíma go
I got a hair trigger attitude, watch what you say
Beside I ainít shot a stupid motherfucker all day
Iíve been waiting for the right time and this is it
Let me introduce myself, mudface bitch
Just another spirit jumping into the soul
Of a well known killa that be out of control

[Chorus x2]
What are you gonna do
(another face on the totem pole)
When I get there
(another face on the totem pole)
Muddy Muddy

This is my time to shine, Iíma show you what Iím made of
Strong like a dinosaur but silly as some trippy drugs
Smacking yaíll in the face with a laugh
Funny bone of the totem pole, do the math
Resurrected from the past on,
Learn the history of these warriors because we may not last long
The silhouettes you see are just thoughts of me
Ready to open your mind and feed it energy

[Chorus x2]

My microphone is like an eagle feather very extinct
Too hot to hold so donít even think about it
Canít nobody do it like me cause Iím just a ghost
And I donít need to breathe faster than the blink of an eye
Top notch speed, you canít see me
I guess thatís why Iím so underground
Cause a native like me donít be fucking around

[Chorus x4]