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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) Attitude Lyrics, singer by ABK (ANYBODY KILLA)

I just donít understand how everyone in this world, all of a sudden, got so hard
Could it be me or just does it seem like certain people try and take it too far
I donít know but when the time comes, motherfuckers better show respect
And if they donít then you best believe, this warrior going to shave some heads with a dull hatchet
Ainít no fooling around, Iíll beat the shit out of your bitch and dump shots in your moms house
I got the urge to ball up my fist and start swingin, so since Iím in a bad mood, bring it

Whatís with the attitude?
Whatís with it, whatís with it
Whatís with the attitude?
Everybodyís entitled to have one
Whatís with the attitude?
Whatís with it, whatís with it
Whatís with your attitude?
Everybodyís entitled to have one

Iím aggravated, feeling depressed, itís like my hearts beating too damn fast
People in my face makin it muddy from the dirt that they talk and I need to clean it off
Sometimes I need to get away to another place away from all the hate
So I can sit back and relax and try to clear my head
Instead of staying in the hood and leaving bodies for dead
Iím so damn emotional, and I think that itís time for me to take control
Instead of fast pace Iím gonna put it in slow mo,
So you will understand when I say donít test me ho


Lots of people say Iím a kind hearted guy
I am but some of yaíll should be terrified
Why, guess it all boils down to trust
Before a motherfucker really starts to self destruct
Attitudes, everyoneís entitled, but some of yaíll take it to a level thatís vital
Mood swings, Jekyll and Hyde, aggravated individuals upset with life
Who wants try to calm me down when Iím in a state of mind that wants to let off rounds
Guess Iím tired of just playing it cool, so every now and then I get an attitude

[Chorus (til end)]