AB-SOUL God’s Reign

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL God’s Reign Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

[Intro – Ab-Soul:]
Hey Ali? Yeah that’s right
I can hear myself good now, finally

[Hook – SZA:]
Is this how it is These Days?
You even lose when you win These Days
These Days… God’s Reign
Scared to live, scared to move These Days

[Verse 1 – Ab-Soul:]
Your soul sits on your third eye, Soul sits on the throne
Told you I was the third wheel, that’s three wheel motion on chrome
Three’s up, three’s up, all around the world
We ain’t shooting no jumpshots, but we balling, we balling
I’m from where they get jumped or shot ’til they falling, they falling
They ain’t heard one word from God but he calling, he calling
I ain’t never had a whole rack, til’ I was 24 years old
At 25 I spent a hunnid’ of those and still ain’t got nothing to show
Uh, I guess that’s how it is These Days…
Uh, I guess that’s how it goes
Cause this world is dark and my Locs is on but I ain’t afraid
ABC everythang, every M you end up with is owed
And that’s simple math, I had to balance the good and bad
No masters but a mastermind, Master Kush up in my bag
Soulo in the backseat, in a thing with some tints on it
With a thing with some tits on her, and every nigga in this bitch own her

[Hook – SZA]

[Bridge – SZA:]
These Days, in chains
You even lose when you win These Days
These Days… God’s Reign
Scared to live, scared to live these days

[Verse 2 – Ab-Soul:]
My girl died and I lost my mind, I’m off everything except Heroin
Blame God, don’t blame her. All I did was take gangsters to church
Got your lady with literature under her Louis bag
Got your kid studying outside of class
Every project that I dropped she bought em, so now she read more than she Red Bottom
Ab-Soul, Abstract, Asshole I’m with the shit
I say cuz around Bloods and I say Blood around Crips, I’m twisted
Got Mary, got Lucy, got Molly, that’s wifey, girlfriend and mistress
Ain’t no going against me man make another plan, pop a Xan
Forget it
Hahaha, that’s how it is These Days
Yeah that’s how it goes
Cause we ain’t choose this life it chose us, so don’t show hate cause she chose us
I’m just stacking paper, get yours up
Lil’ nigga finish your chores up
That’s my word I got shows booked
Got that Purp I pour fo’s up, stole the show this a hold up
Ho-Hol up, Soulo Ho, there is only uno
Puto uh, Top Dawg out of this world pluto on pluto, you know

[Hook – SZA]

[Bridge – SZA:]
These Days, in chains
You even lose when you win These Days
These Days… God’s Reign
Scared to live, scared to live these days

[Outro – Isaiah Rashad:]
God’s Reign
These Days…
Yo, y’all got some more trees?




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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ACE FREHLEY Shock Me Lyrics, singer by ACE FREHLEY

Your lightnin’s all I need
My satisfaction grows
You make me feel at ease
You even make me glow
Don’t cut the power on me
I’m feelin’ low, so get me high

Shock me, make me feel better
Shock me, put on your black leather
Shock me, we can come together

And baby, if you do what you’ve been told
My insulation’s gone, girl you make me overload

Don’t pull the plug on me, no, no
Keep it in and keep me high

Shock me, make me feel better
Shock me, put on your black leather
Shock me, we can come together
Come on

Shock me, baby, shock me, oh yeah
Shock me, baby, shock me, oh yeah

Shock me, make me feel better, oh yeah
Come on and shock me, put on your black leather
Baby, I’m down to the bare wire
Shock me, we can come together
Oh yeah, I wanna feel your power
Shock me, make me feel better
Baby, I’m down to the bare wire
Shock me, put on your black leather
Baby, come on, come on, shock me


AB-SOUL Black Lip Bastard (Remix)

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL Black Lip Bastard (Remix) Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Black lip bastard, pass me your password
So I can hack inside your brain, see I too have gone insane
Before I fall I’m sure to curse you all in Jesus’ name
Lead shower, and a pebble hour bitch stand the rain

Look inside my parking garage and see a collage
Of every person I despise since the moment I turned 5
Calculate my steps and strategically took my time
Even falling off, I land on the ass of Nicki Minaj
Eat that pink pussy like it’s Friday
Bust one, Roman Reload, then smoke to Sade
And somebody tell Rihanna too
I need that vagina too
Don’t fucking take me for some kind of fool
I’m kinda the reminder of knowin’ Compton ain’t kinda cool
Good kid, mad city, mountaintops couldn’t see my views
Counter-tops, we hop over, hit the register then we move
I hope this shit can register on a regular soon
Before I climb this pedestal and make you catch my fucking stool bitch
K.Dot, leave ’em grieving on evening news
Even when society break even, I’ll break rules

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
I told niggas, caught wrecked, and then I towed niggas
Fold niggas like clothes and drawers nigga
Homie chose to go toe-to-toe, I had to break his leg
Like a cliche to rock a show, is that over your head?
Niggas stretchin’ the truth like they choose to do yoga instead
Either that or that or they depressed, eatin’ yogurt in bed
Solar system, grab a space shuttle and stay subtle
The bass bit the bait, I’m straight, you a gay couple
I ain’t thirsty for the deal, wait and make em’ pay double
Anxious when I’m banking on the table I need a muzzle
You’re basic like cable to a satellite dish
You was runnin’ LA, now you out of there like Fish
What more can I say? I’m a bastard with black lips
Black shirt, black shades, long black dick
I’m awkward dog, I’m trynna bargain shop at Saks Fifth
Swung two axes and knocked the Earth off axis

[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q]
Figg side, black nine, black lips, smoke time
Fuck this rap shit I’m actin

Suckin’ on titties since I was 8
Hoodie with my shades I ain’t trynna be fake
So don’t be talking to me pussy
Runnin’ your gums like you be loc’ing
When the world know that you’re nookie
Rookie, softer than if you fabric
I won’t have it, when the gun drawn get rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tatted
Know my niggas movin’
You hesitatin’ to hit the lick, what the fuck is you doin’

[Verse 4: Ab-Soul]
Perpetratin’, bitches poppin’ percocet and percolatin’
Freelance for God but do the work of Satan, whatever works
I’m clever with the words if you haven’t noticed yet
Lightyears ahead, I’m bright and I like to get oral sex
Soul brother number 1+1, gettin’ fed like where drugs and guns come from

[Verse 5: Jay Rock]
All we do is do it, shittin’ on the competition
Taking heads off, this Hannibal Lecter music
You niggas don’t move me, you niggas just movies
Cut straight to them credits and hit you with’ a uzi
Peel off in a dooney, truck bed full of toolies
Get home, smoke, and poke on some coochie
I’m just fuckin’ around, enough with them fairy tales
But I bust heads for real, go head –
I’m Jay Rock, you norm’ niggas beneath me
How you gon’ dance with the devil, with two left feet?
Peep, thinkin’ you sweet but you weak
Talkin out of turn’ll leave all of your teeth in the street
Momma taught you better, never clash with a giant
Unless you David, remember my nigga, I’m not goliath
Feel the wrath of this titan, hit some water call it Poseidon
Wig out, then hit your ass with a trident
Money on the table my nigga, you know I’m all in
If rap was a drink, you wine nigga, I’m all gin
Hunnit’ proof, recruit a hunnit’ troops who love to shoot
No fluke my nigga, you know that’s what us hunters do
East side up, Watt city mayhem
Choppers that sprayin’ from AM to PM
I’m the silent assassin of the four-headed dragon
Black Hippy blastin’ a 50 out the back of the Benz Wagon
Toe tagging wack rappers off GP
You can’t see me, your vision ain’t 3D
You smokin’ on that seaweed, we rollin’ up that kiwi
In the backwood lightin’, we high for like 3 weeks
You payin’ for that pussy but we always get freebies
Top Dawg that ho and throw it like a frisbee, it’s history
You know the night and day is ours
Top Dawg Conglomerate, HiiiPower, bitch



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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ACE FREHLEY Cold Gin Lyrics, singer by ACE FREHLEY

My heat is broke and I’m so tired
I need some fuel to build a fire
The girl next door, her lights are out, yeah
The landlord’s gone, and I’m done and out

Ooh, it’s cold gin time again
You know it’ll always win
Cold Gin time again
You know it’s the only thing
That keeps us together. oow

It’s time to leave and get another quart
Around the corner at the liquor store
Ha ha, the cheapest stuff is uh all I need
To get me back on my feet again


AB-SOUL The Book Of Soul

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL The Book Of Soul Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

Your momma told me read the book of Job
They shoulda called it the book of soul
I came into this hurtful earth in perfect health
Caught Steven Johnson syndrome when I was ten years old
Internal and external fever
80% fatality rate at that time
Ain’t that some shit
Severe pink eye
My eyes swollen shut
For like two or three months
It still bright as fuck
And I even lost my lip skin
Grew back darker than it’s original pigment
Skin disfigured from boils and blisters
Unidentifiable by my little sister
Come to think of it, I could’ve got a crazy check
The shrink thought I’d be traumatized, but I’m alright
My first years of junior high school were not alright
Them dimes wouldn’t give me no time
No, not a nod
I mean not even you
We eventually got cool
But I was nobody
You was the hottest hottie in the school
But the world to me
Not saying that cause I’m your dude
I’m glad I got to watch the woman that you blossomed too
Ironic we always had the same classes
I copied off your work
And you ain’t always had the right answers but it worked
Mama, thanks a lot
Probably wouldn’t have graduated had you not
Somewhere down the line, we became an item
The love was in the air like this flight I’m lightin’
The first few years was so excitin’
Got deeper in this rap and started pushing shit back
My money got funny
You wanted to go on dates
I had a Soundwave beat tape tryna be Drake
Could’ve spent every minute with you but I had to get it
For me and you
You sing too so you knew the business
I know it was hard but you stayed down
My fam had doubts
You told me you was proud
I did some things, you did some things
Always came back together
We knew the only way to make it work was work together
Seven whole years, seven whole years
It was supposed to end with our grandkids
Luckily for me I’m used to being cut short
But I’m such a nice guy, why Lord?
Why Lori?
Why’d you have to take her from me?
Guess you needed your angel face for all of heaven to see
Your picture still on my mirror and it’s so scary
I swear I still ain’t looked at your obituary
So now I’m so doped up I think I’m flying
I hope the spliff will never finish
I guess the Mayans wasn’t lying
2012 my world ended
You used to say that I could see the future
You was wrong, cause you was in it
And I was just with you the day before
You said you loved me, I said I loved you more
And as much I wanna cower and bid the mic adieu
And fall off a fucking tower tryna find you
I gotta stay cause I remember that day I looked you in the face and told you nothing can stop me
Not even you
Stick to the plan
I’ll meet you at our spot
If reincarnation is true and we don’t get too lost
Even if you forget me and everything you left behind
I never lied
I love you in a place where there’s no space and time
I close my eyes and I can still hear you singing loud
We never got to tell them who The Love Religion was about
I ain’t finna stage a cry in this rhyme
Sincerely yours
I live to let you


Everything I love most get taken away
My momma and music is next
And if that happens before I turn 28
Then I’m going out with Curt Cobain
I still believe in God, we jut ain’t never spoke
Unless we talkin symbolically then I might agree
But if you really wanna look at it that way then
Hey man
God don’t like me
I refuse to believe that
But what’s acceptable is anything’s possible
But nobody special
My ma took my TV, – took my radio
Now I’m on TV and on the radio

Don’t be dethroned by these systems of control
Just keep your fingers crossed and keep them locks off your soul [x2]




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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ACE FREHLEY Breakout Lyrics, singer by ACE FREHLEY

Been in this cell block seven years too long
Paying for a crime when I didn’t do anything wrong
Lyin’ here rottin’ for someone else’s mistake
I’ve come to my senses, it’s time to make a break

Breakout, I’m coming after you
Breakout, I’d say our love is overdue
Breakout, I’m at the breakin’ point
Breakout, gonna bust of this joint

I’m sick and tired of punching out license plates
For a criminal justice system that I hate
The food here suck, I’m not about to wait
Well I’ve come to my senses It’s time to make a break

Breakout, I’m coming after you
Breakout, I’d say our love is overdue
Breakout, I’m at the breakin’ point
Breakout, gonna bust of this joint


AB-SOUL Beautiful Death

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL Beautiful Death Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
My only fear is fear itself
I ain’t afraid to die, more afraid of myself
Niggas looking at me like I don’t hear myself
Like I don’t know pain – I been here myself
(This life will drive you crazy)
Only if you let it
I’m just an American expressin’ – Just give me credit
Won’t be surprised if before I rise, I’m beheaded
These are the days of our lives
Nightmares of a thief comin’ takin’ my life
I go to sleep thinkin’ I may never wake up
In this reality, at least I keep my bed made up
I just wish they all could see what I can see
If we could stop it with the violence and apply a lil’ logic I believe
We could thrive to be a promise, see – Civilisation
We may die individually, but as a nation
We’ll rise, nigga, change lives, nigga
Break ties from the everyday lies, nigga
It’s not time, until it’s our time

(Don’t be so afraid to die)
Until it’s our time
(Don’t be so afraid to die)
It’s not time, till it’s our time
(Cause we’ll never die)

[Verse 2: Ab Soul]
All I see is confusion and chaos
Blatant disorder, authorities pickin’ on the minorities
Unfortunately, the land of the free has little to offer me
And got me awfully thinkin’ about offin’ me
I wake up in the morning and I ask myself
Is life worth living, should I blast myself?
I’m tired of being broke and even worse
The upper class acts like they want me off this earth
(This life will drive you crazy)
Only if you allow it
That’s only if you a coward and you’re sure to get devoured
To no avail, tuck your tail, and all you do is give them power
Who’s gonna take a stand, who’s gonna be a man?
Who do you work for? Please help me understand
You could be the victor in a situation
We may die individual, but as a nation
We’ll rise, nigga, change lives, nigga
Break ties from the everyday lies, nigga
It’s not time, until it’s our time


[Verse 3: Punch]
Pardon my immortality
I’m Martin Luther shooting back at the balcony
Escapin’ in a Lorraine until they call in the cavalry
Out from 184, oh lord, nobody blast for me
If it takes me to be a martyr to push the envelope farther
Nigga show me to the slaughter
I gladly sacrifice what is percieved
Sow my seed, so my seed can live it’s dreams
My spittin’ image, see my stitching in his genes
According to my likeness, this breath of life is priceless
My enlightenment’s the ancient Chaldeans
Penetratin’ America’s culture, to it’s very being
It’s not political though, it’s more critical
Spiritual warfare, you can murder me in the physical
But I advise y’all to keep me alive
In the event of my demise, I’ll be bigger than life
Beautiful death, nigga

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
Tragedy after tragedy, it’s sad to see
America killin’ her babies like Casey Anthony
We try, we try to cope and hold on to our sanity
Poppin’ ecstasy will surely shorten life expectancy
We travel the seven seas in hopes for a little peace
We promised pie in the sky, I’m dyin’ to get a piece
Put down your piece, I’m wish you all a beautiful death