AB-SOUL Livin’ Like

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL Livin’ Like Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

Uh, Soul Brother Number…
Rapper! Ha, Whats Good Big Homie
Ya Know I Got That Flava

(Good Evening Ladies Gentleman
This evening takes great pride in presenting)

Uh, Soul brother number 2
Here to take number 2 on any number 2
That’s who’s ever after me
Don’t get my spot confused
Like a gang of dalmatians in the same room
I never sleep you snooze, you lose
I’m on a consecutive leap
Slick wit it, sippin’ a 40, No WD
Splendid, ended my name on your brain
Like a paragraphs first sentence..(MANE!)
Please see the passion in this young man
Burn this bitch down even if I got one fan
Like, You hear this, you ears will sun tan
I’m an army tank, you’re just one man
And niggas talkin’ bout they label offers
Knowin’ damn well them labels off ya
You know you got it all wrong
When you start equating your success with Drake and Trey Songz

Where you need to be?
Where you need to go?
What you need to see? lemme know
(Baby I Can show You…show You)
We only got one life
Live it to the T
But, Take It From Me
(Don’t let time control you..trol’ You)

Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?

I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like

Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?
Whatchu Livin’ Like?

I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like
I’m livn’ like

[Rapper Big Pooh:]
I say I’m livin’ like the world can’t hold me
Mama can’t scold me, like a lawn chair niggas fold me
Flow sounding moldy dated
Rap game I hate it
But at the same time I’m in love deeply
I’m in love indiscreetly, stop looking for them neat raps
Go ahead get ya wet naps
Chicago poetic justice with my wave cap
I know some people mad at me cause I ain’t wave back
Double Impact No Jean Claude
Niggas got stories but most of them fraud
We are all flawwed
Only difference is I display mine
If I say your music whack, that’s a hate crime
You can debate I’m better than the next one
Each fan text one, I could a have million
Me and Ab building, Me and Ab killing
I wish you would fight the feeling


King of my stomping ground
I don’t fuck around, like a Tupperware top I shut shit down
I wear the underwear here, it’s best you know now
When Queers interfere I can feel it in the air
They ain’t gotta make a sound
Ain’t shit sweet
But the swisher full of weed where my thumb and my index meet
You don’t quite cut the criteria
We keep trees on us like LRG, Cause
Mass hysteria walkin’ across the street, cause
They never seen a nigga so concrete
And You can understand that right?
You look a little dumbfounded
Believe whatever you looking for I done found it
I can show you the real and I can tell you the grind
But even T-Pain get this shit overnight
And If, nothing else remember this
The smartest man in the world know we don’t know shit

Tommy Black, Wassup
Tommy Black, Wassup
Soul Brother Number…



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