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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABSTRACT Ride With Me Lyrics, singer by ABSTRACT

Thinkin’ of my trip back
Got some time to kick back
I get whip-lashed if I stop now
I been movin’ million miles per an hour
Used to duckin’, but I know they see me now
Tell ’em simmer down if they hatin’ on me
I suggest you stop the faking, homie
Bitch, the whole world waitin’ on me
Ask me how I’m doin’, I been doin’ great
Doin’ everythin’ I said I would
There aren’t really many who relate
Shout out to the ones that always knew they could
If you ain’t checkin’ fo’ me, hope you checkin’ now
I can teach you how to check about it
If the money made, you got a heart
You will sell out way before you even start
See, a lotta people ain’t about the art
They just tryna claim a name
If you don’t eva put the work in
How the hell you gon’ precipitate?
Without that then I doubt that
You eva gonna make it rain
This is not the lotto, stick to scratchin’ tickets
I’ll be here tomorrow, I’ll be here a minute
I be forty spittin’ in the booth
Storage blowin’ like it’s under proof
In the buildin’ tryna hit the roof, tho
Cause beast seems to be my new mode
And beats seems to be my new home
This dream turned to belong road
But what I planned out finally panned out
Siften through it, finally think I found gold

Will you ride with me
Till the clouds roll in
Till the road gets rough
Till the tires don’t spin
Will you ride with me
Till the curtains close
Tell I’m nobody and hell has froze

[Ivan B:]
Step inside my shoes so never assume where I’ve been
Found the sagest haven in your arms, but my heart alarmed
Don’t you settle in!
Peddled in the pain, painting the picture will let me reframe
Opened the bottle, I bottled again
You lovin’ the man that you’re kissin’ today?
Or the name that I’ve became?
A man who changed for finding chains
Cuffed by chains, I think I lost my way
Inside this time where fake is seen as great
Real is how I serve it
Talkin’ shit and yea I heard it
When the world tells you no that’s when you fight against the current
This is the time, Rocky Balboa, I hit it with nines
Step in the ring like I stepped in my prime
Down my might to the mic, blowin’ up is a matter of time
Look at my dream and then look at my eyes
Traffic of rappers, I looked in the sky
When you know what you want then you get what you want
Any lesson, I’m feelin’ the love
Cause I’mma tell you what it really is
And I’mma spill my heart no matter what I know
Then I took the path, neva lookin’ back
Our joy is the struggle we sow
They’ll say stay inside the picture
Rationalize your hope
And if they break you down today
It’s just a better chance to grow

Will you ride with me
Till the clouds roll in
Till the road gets rough
Till the tires don’t spin
Will you ride with me
Till the curtains close
Till I’m nobody and has froze



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