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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABSTRACT Phoenix Lyrics, singer by ABSTRACT

Confusion on her breath, as she telling me to leave
Saying: Shit is getting better , but she don’t believe
Saying: Baby, stay I need you like the air that I breath
Screaming: I ain’t seen nobody else, you everything I need
Yeah, okay I guess I said that all before
But that welcome mat mean nothing if you’re walking out that door
Who ima’ be without you, to be honest I ain’t sure
Maybe so you won’t forget, probably gon’ take over the world
She said: Yeah, okay have fun controlling up your next bitch
I get all my advice from girls who never had relationships
So I’ll just take the best I ever had and go and wreck this shit
They say that hope floats, so I’m ’bout to go and sink the ship
Cause it felt like I was tryna’ bail it out, during a hurricane
Tryna’ rekindle a fire, doused in an infinite rain
Felt like the kid had been drowned and lifted in spite of the pain
Guess no one prepared for the bird that rose from the ash and the flames

Cause they come and they go
And we try not to show
But they know we ain’t able to let go
And they hide while you seen
Thinking it all was a dream
Thinking what does it mean?
Where do I turn?
From this what do I learn?
From this what do I earn?
So like a phoenix
Like a phoenix
Rise from the burns

Knowing I gotta’ make a change (get up)
Knowing I can’t live this way (get up)
I made my own skies grey (get up)
So I had to make the change

So yeah, let’s wait and see
Your new self couldn’t face me
Your new men couldn’t trace me
And no alcohol could erase me
Cause I’m ’bout to be seen everywhere
On your TV, I’ll be there
Have my face up in Times Square
On vacation, like that ain’t fair? (huh)
I’m sorry, seriously I’m sorry
Gonna’ have to watch my life cause you chose to go and leave the story
Cause I rip beats like I uprooted
And I hit goals like Beckham shoot it
And I make hits like no one doing
And I shift plates, it’s a big movement (yeah)
Pedal down and I’m cruising
Middle fingers up to the ones, who still think that we’re losing
To be more honest than Armstrong
I’m doper than the shit he on
Running tracks like that Tour de Fran’
Give me that medal, then the kid is gone (yeah)
And I hope you’re flipping out
Cause now the kid you used to know is what girl’s flippin’ ’bout
Hitting stages, asking ages
Yeah that’s where we’re headed now
When you realise where my name is
Just know why you’re missing out



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