AB-SOUL To The Max

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL To The Max Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

I wake up every morning to text messages
From foreigners saying they love me, they miss me
They want me, are you in town?
When are you coming over, are you around?
Howís life treating you? Are you holding it down?
Can you wear my T-shirt? Can you come to my store?
How much for a verse from Kendrick Lamar?
Is Q really from Hoover? Is Rock still signed to Tech N9ne?
And this is just when I rise, imagine my whole day
My momma smiling more than ever, man and itís so strange
Itís what I asked for though, I canít complain
I wanna say ďI told you soĒ but that wonít change a thing Iím afraid
I paid my little sisterís rent last month, man, that was great
My grandpa thought I wouldnít graduate
Now Iím selling out shows and heís stoked and shows all in his face
I even put my step pops in his place, for questioning my objective in this place
I donít blame him, Iím just saying, always knew I was the man
I owe nothing to no one, except those who told me I was the one
When lowkey I wasnít, that was what I was becoming
Now Iím buzzing and everybody my cousin, thatís phony
Yíall donít know me, where was yíall when I was lonely?
A pack of Black and Milds every twenty four hours
Skipping showers Ďcause I felt dirty, unworthy of power
Though I never cursed the Lord, but I questioned his motives
I still do, except now, Iím exceptionally focused
However the road ends, Iím rolling, say amen
You foes wonít stop me or succeed like I can
I see snakes, the grass must be cut, is it Wednesday?
And Iím happy especially nip it at the bud now
And what is happening exactly? Iím sick of the smoke signals
Like a green cross in a dispensary window
Unit 6 woulda been dope but the industry wouldnít let it
Creativity donít tend to mix with business endeavors
Whatever though, you know the anthem is get money and some
Become a legend and leave a legacy for your grandson
I told Lani Iímma do it, and I did it, hope she forgive me when she hear me saying shit like
ďGís up nigga, hoes down, if the bitch can’t swim, then she goní drown in itĒ

You know I stay on my humble but these days ainít fuckiní with me (ainít fuckiní with me)
I go from Carson to Harlem, I hold it down, how couldnít you see? (how couldnít you see?)
You know Iím here for the long term, itís my turn, pull up a seat (pull up a seat)
Go ahead and light up the smoke and throw up your hands and wave with me
Whereís Max B when you need him?
Whereís Max B when you need him?
Pour up your drink and wave with me
Whereís Max B when you need him?
Whereís Max B when you need him?
Whereís Max B when you need him?
This is the new wave now jump in the sea

[Max B:]
Ay yo, yíall niggas stay wavy man, I love yíall man
Keep the wave goiní I told yíall I was gonna leave yíall with that wave
About 500 out there in the [?] county
Man yíall stay strong, Iím still staying strong, Iím focused
Iím on my way back, prophecy will be fulfilled
Itís wavy for life, donít forget it Iím still wavy
Oww, Oww



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