ABSTRACT Correlationships

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABSTRACT Correlationships Lyrics, singer by ABSTRACT

I used to say what I wanted to hear
Now I look back and see how I got here
Without the sugar-coated raw emotion coasting on a hope
It’s clear became the dopest from the coldest place you fear
A drop in my ocean
But that drop became a wave
And that wave became and storm
That storm became my hurricane
Now I’m coursing through the states
To overseas, they know the name
But ever since that ship failed
I never been the same
All cause you chose popularity
I’m popular as fuck
You’ll probably say get over it but damn I hold a grudge
I ain’t perfect not at all
But I was someone you could call
Loyal as loyal gets
In these days I’m not at all
What I used to be
Cause what I used to be didn’t work
Now every girl I went out
Never seems to work
The best way to do it
Was the way that I got hurt
I know I made mistakes, but hope life shows you what I’m worth

Our candle burns away
The ashes full of lies
I gave my soul to you
You cut me from behind
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
You’re scared of the truth, I’m tired of the lies
Cuz who I am, is where you wanna be

I was: Young, dumb, protective
But I always meant the best
Had a heart a couple sizes
Maybe too big for my chest
And you, you had the same
’til that shit became compressed
While mine shrunk within’ depression
You said hope you learned your lesson
Lesson that consisted of: Fuck communication, and attention
I could make a huge jab, but I’ll spare it the mention
All in all I’m over it
But being back brings back some memories
Feels good to see my friends
But damn, it brings back enemies
Wasn’t really treated with respect growing up
But now I got the voice so excuse me when I stunt
Used to be so blind but now look back and know what’s up
Pretty fucked up that back then weren’t many I could trust
It’s Karma that I’m here
See it all comes around
Cause now they say what’s up?
When I roll through town
They used to laugh at my dreams
Homie who laughs now?
And It’s only the beginning
Wait ’til I cash out

You said you were there for me
You wouldn’t let me fall
All the times I shared with you
Were you even there at all?
Nowhere to run and no where to hide
You’re scared of the truth, I’m tired of the lies
Cause who I am, is where you wanna be



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