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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) The Vision Lyrics, singer by ABK (ANYBODY KILLA)


[Chorus: x4]
I’m so muddy,
Your so muddy,
We’re so muddy,
Let’s get muddy

Lyrics and Music Video

I swing a hatchet like a warrior,
Told you all the dirty history my life obserrved
Show’d you how to keep it rollin while you actin a fool and now you wanna get all muddy cause you underground too
Don’t be blinded by those mainstream raps
Eagle eyeing all your dollars but won’t give you a dap I’ve seen them come I’ve seen them go
People get so emotional
Especially when you don’t let them know
You see the love they show
All I know is that I pay mad dues
So respect what you getting
Cause I do it for you
And if you feeling how I’m feeling
Then I’m doing it right
So let’s get muddy underground for the rest of our life’s’

[Chorus x6]

There is no history known not to have a trace of dirt on it
From history books, to scriptures, to missing literature
Inner self or outer selves we’re all dusty in some way, shape or form
It’s like a survival kit we rub on to keep unnoticed
Some spread it on thin while others pack it on like it’s the fountain of youth



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