AB-SOUL World Runners

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Welcome to musicforlittlelearners Lyrics AB-SOUL World Runners Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

These days I’m so focused
Fast life, slow motion
These, these days I’m so focused
These days I’m so focused
Fast life, slow motion

[Hook – Ab Soul Nikki Jean:]
Or maybe I’m just a dreamer
And life is but a dream
And I would never leave her
But I bet she can’t wait to get rid of me
And I be all night, no sleep, real talk
Go hard until the AM
You can have my shine, I give you my light
Opportunities you take them
And you can take your time on your own time
I be at the finish line waiting
Cause some people chase the world
Other people let the world chase them, yo

[Bridge – Ab Soul (x4):]
We run, we run, we run the world (Get high)
We run, we run, we run this world (Yeah)

[Verse 1 – Ab-Soul:]
Yeah, can you hear it?
I spread love, can you feel it in your spirit?
When doves cry shit get serious
You feel like a prince in a pharaoh’s pyramid
Scheme turned dream turned nightmare on Elm Street
Ye ain’t got your heart in the right place
How the hell you plan to stay on beat, on beat?
Yeah, I put that on me
I got a gun and a good book, leave all your homies holy, moly
Black sheep, no miss Bo Peep
Motherfuck police Ďtil they release all of my OGís
You could lean on me Ďtil you Morgan Free
You donít need no sleep


[Verse 2 – Lupe Fiasco:]
Canít spell Illuminati without Lu canít spell Lu without ďuĒ
Canít spill blood without blue now ask yourself what is what I do
Let you put that together without glue without screw, fast life
Built a time machine in my past life, a horror story about as long as Fukushima half-life
And mostly Iíll be ghost, and to talk about it have to rhyme into a flashlight
Now thatís a long way from blackface track that they using for your rat race
Connected to a cat face, you can ask them pussies how a lap taste
Maybe like cookies to a monster
Running miles to the mouths of meows coming out (high plane try not to be bomber)

[Interlude – Nikki Jean:]
Full speed ahead, full speed ahead
To allow no limits, there are no limits
No limits allowed, no limits exist
Cause maybe, cause maybe
There are no limits


[Outro – Ab-Soul:]
Go, go, uh
Yeah, no roof on the jeep with a big old chain
Niggas left for the sniff and came back for the base
You could tell he was tripping by the look on his face
No new jacks in my city
Aye, Iím feeling like G money, money, money
Yeah, uh, Iím feeling like G money, money, money
Yeah, no new jacks in my city
Bitch, Iím G money, money, money



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