Filling the music gap in homeschool

I decided to homeschool my oldest son when his first grade teacher was fired for tying a child to a chair with a scarf. The class slid into academic and emotional decline because of multiple substitute teachers and the lack of a long term sub willing to take this unruly class. At the time I was teaching half day kindergarten in a local public school.  I was freaking out!  How on earth was I going to homeschool and still keep my job!  I couldn’t just quit in the middle of the year.

To my rescue came a mother of eight children who couldn’t wait to add one more child to her teeming household. That was the beginning for me of a wonderful journey into the world of homeschooling. In exchange for homeschooling my son in the mornings my friend asked if I would teach two of her children how to play the piano. I was thrilled! We finished out the year with this sweet arrangement.  Summer hit and before I knew it I had fifteen paying piano students, most of them from homeschool homes.  My husband and I rejoiced!  While my friends and I were together our curriculum’s buzzed along. We were all happy and satisfied.

Then my husband got a call to a pastoral position in another state. Over coffee and a round of Phase 10, while our 15 children played riotously around us, I shared the news. “How will we ever find another piano teacher like you Joleen!” one of my friends sighed. “Yes,” said another, “It’s almost impossible to find someone who will teach in the middle of the day and not charge us an arm and a leg.” My friends were right. It’s heartbreaking for me to know that none of my dear homeschool students ever had another piano teacher.

Almost eleven years later, I believe God has helped me to create the first in a series of music kits specifically designed to help the homeschool parent fill that crucial music niche in their curriculum.

When I hear parents say, “I can’t teach music to my kids, I don’t have any musical background.” I ask, when you decided to teach Latin or Calculus or Biblical history were you an expert? No, you found a curriculum and you learned all you could by reading through it and then you knuckled down and taught those subjects. It’s the same with music, you’ve just been waiting for something that is specifically designed for you.

This first kit is meant to help any age student, but especially young students ages 4-8yrs old, learn the fundamentals of music. This includes recognizing musical symbols and structures, reading the notes of the staff, identifying key names on the piano and learning the patterns of the first six major scales.  The lesson book has 35 short lessons and a boatload of games, crafts and hands-on activities to make learning music fun!

I hope you will purchase a kit and experience the joy of making music for yourself and your children.  Click any of the picture links below to go our website and store. How about you? What has your experience with finding reasonably priced piano lessons for your children? If this has been positive please share with us.   Also, if you’ve found other music resources for your kids please share them here as well. With joy! Joleen

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